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Cellgate  Dealer and Installer

As an authorized CellGate dealer, we provide comprehensive services including supply, installation, and seamless integration of your CellGate access control system with your new or existing security infrastructure.

CellGate Authorized Dealer

CellGate offers cutting-edge access control solutions that provide seamless management and heightened security for both residential and commercial properties. Their systems are designed to integrate effortlessly with existing infrastructure, providing comprehensive control and monitoring from anywhere.

Cloud-Based Management

TrueCloud Connect™: Manage all aspects of your security system from a single web portal. Set up users, create unique access codes, and customize notifications from anywhere.

Remote Door Unlocking

CellGate App: Control gates, doors, and cameras remotely using the app. Available on both iOS and Android, it allows you to take photos, open/close gates, and hold doors open on demand.

Video Intercom

Real-Time Monitoring: Watchman products feature live cellular streaming video, allowing you to see visitors at your gate in real time.

Cellular Connection

Works on both Verizon and AT&T LTE networks, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity.

CellGate Installer

As a reputable CellGate installer, HDSS Security offers provision, installation, and integration services for CellGate access control systems tailored to businesses and residential properties of all sizes. Our installation specialists possess expertise in integrating CellGate systems with compatible high-quality video cameras and other advanced technologies to meet your specific security needs. We meticulously manage the entire installation and setup process to ensure your CellGate system operates seamlessly, providing you with a robust and efficient security solution.

CellGate Intercom System

Enhance visitor and tenant access efficiency with a CellGate access control system. CellGate offers both video and non-video intercom solutions, providing a perfect blend of safety and convenience. With CellGate's advanced video intercoms, administrators can easily manage visitor access using the CellGate app, engage in video chats with visitors at the gate, and remotely unlock doors.

For properties requiring a non-video solution, CellGate's intercom systems still offer robust functionality, enabling administrators to control property access, review visitor entries, and update resident directories from a centralized platform. The inclusion of a mobile app enhances convenience by allowing administrators to manage the system remotely.

Installing a CellGate access control system not only reduces costs by eliminating the need for extensive wiring and in-unit hardware but also improves resident satisfaction with a secure and efficient entry experience. Choose CellGate to ensure your property's access control is modern, reliable, and user-friendly.

Elevate Your Security with CellGate Access Control Systems

CellGate access control systems are packed with features designed to enhance security and convenience for property administrators and residents. One of the standout features is visitor management, which allows administrators to manage and monitor visitor access through the CellGate app. This includes the ability to engage in video chats with visitors at the gate, remotely unlock doors, and review detailed logs of all entry events, complete with date- and time-stamped photographs.

CellGate also offers systems that operate on cellular networks, eliminating the need for a dedicated internet connection. This not only reduces installation costs but also ensures that the system remains operational even in areas without a stable internet infrastructure. With options to integrate additional cameras for multiple views and a robust mobile app for remote management, CellGate provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for modern access control needs​

Cellgate Repair

Our dedication to your security goes beyond installation: We offer continuous repair and maintenance services for the entire lifespan of your CellGate access control system. Whether it's a condominium or a gated community, our team has the expertise to ensure your CellGate system operates smoothly and securely at all times.


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