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Akuvox  Dealer and Installer

As an authorized Akuvox dealer, we provide comprehensive services including supply, installation, and seamless integration of your Akuvox entry system with your new or existing security infrastructure.

Akuvox Authorized Dealer

Streamline your property access control with the secure Akuvox entry system. This cloud-based solution empowers administrators to efficiently manage property access via a smartphone app or web interface. With the app, admins can oversee tenant and courier access, distribute virtual keys and access PINs, remotely unlock doors, and access a detailed log of all entry events, complete with date- and time-stamped photographs for enhanced security. Akuvox's adaptability ensures a seamless and secure experience for all users. Its comprehensive feature set enables admins to conduct video chats with visitors at the entrance, effortlessly manage package deliveries, and activate key-fobbed elevators with a simple tap, providing convenience for both administrators and visitors alike.

Cloud-Based Management

Akuvox offers cloud-based management, allowing administrators to efficiently oversee property access from anywhere via a smartphone app or web interface.

Remote Door Unlocking

Users can conveniently manage property access using the Akuvox mobile app, enabling virtual keys and access PINs issuance, door unlocking, and access log monitoring from anywhere

Video Intercom

Akuvox entry systems are equipped with video intercom capabilities, allowing administrators to engage in video chats with visitors at the entrance, enhancing communication and security.

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Akuvox Installer

As a reputable Akuvox installer, HDSS Security offers provision, installation, and integration services for Akuvox entry systems tailored to businesses of all sizes. Our installation specialists possess expertise in integrating Akuvox with compatible high-quality video cameras and other technology to meet your specific security needs. We manage the entire installation and setup process meticulously to ensure your Akuvox system operates seamlessly.

Akuvox Intercom System

Enhance visitor and tenant access efficiency with an Akuvox video intercom system. Akuvox smart video intercoms offer both safety and convenience, empowering administrators to easily manage visitor access using their mobile app. With features such as facial recognition, administrators can ensure secure access control, while also engaging in video chats with visitors at the door and remotely unlocking doors. Additionally, the Akuvox video intercom system provides a centralized platform for administrators to review visitor entry, control property access, and update resident directories. The inclusion of a mobile app further enhances convenience by allowing administrators to manage the system remotely. Installing an Akuvox video intercom system not only reduces costs by eliminating the need for building wiring and in-unit hardware, but also improves resident satisfaction with a safe and streamlined entry experience.

Elevate your property management with an Akuvox video intercom system

Akuvox video intercoms offer a comprehensive property management solution with a robust management dashboard designed to empower property managers. Through a user-friendly cloud-based platform, Akuvox enables property managers to seamlessly review visitor entry, manage property access, update resident directories, issue virtual keys and access PINs, and integrate with other cloud-based systems. Accessible through a mobile app or web browser, Akuvox also provides valuable property analytics including door entries, tenant usage, and feature adoption, providing administrators with invaluable insights for efficient property management.

Akuvox Access Control

Discover the power of Akuvox access control for your property. Our cutting-edge access control solutions offer unparalleled security and convenience, allowing you to efficiently manage property access with ease. With features such as facial recognition technology and seamless integration with mobile apps, Akuvox access control systems provide a comprehensive solution for your security needs. Customers can use their mobile phone or fob for access, ensuring convenient and secure entry. Whether you're managing a residential building, commercial property, or corporate facility, Akuvox access control ensures that only authorized individuals gain entry, while also offering insights through detailed access logs and analytics. Experience peace of mind and streamlined access management with Akuvox.

Akuvox Repair

Our dedication to your security goes beyond installation: We offer continuous repair and maintenance services for the entire lifespan of your Akuvox video monitoring system. Whether it's a small-scale setup or a large enterprise network, our team has the expertise to ensure your Akuvox system operates smoothly and securely at all times.


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