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One of the best ways to protect your business and enhance your peace of mind is by a video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance

Professional Security Camera Installation

HDSS installers are experts in selecting, positioning, and integrating each component of a security system to ensure its optimal performance and compatibility. This meticulous approach guarantees that the security camera system functions effectively, minimizing security risks. With extensive experience in planning, customizing, and implementing comprehensive CCTV systems, we provide solutions that include IP video surveillance, indoor and outdoor camera systems, and advanced video analytics. Our expertise extends to designing and installing security cameras for both businesses and homes.

Understanding that setting up a surveillance system for a new property can be daunting, our security professionals dedicate time to evaluating your property and understanding your business. This allows us to tailor a CCTV installation that meets your specific needs. As your business evolves and security requirements change, we adapt the camera system design to align with your growing needs.

Expert System Design

Designing an effective security solution requires expertise. We have that expertise and can create a highly efficient system tailored to your business or home needs.

Check-in Anytime

Stay updated on your employees and customers. View everything happening at your business in crystal clear HD through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Easy Playback

Enjoy up to 30 days of playback recording, providing you the chance to review customer disputes, money transactions, quality control issues, and any theft incidents.

Stay Alert

Customize your alerts to concentrate on people, vehicles, or particular areas of your property. Receive notifications only for the things that are most important to you.

The Right Protection For Your Business

Deep Learning Cameras

Deep Learning AI cameras represent a significant advancement in security technology. These sophisticated cameras are capable of recognizing specific types of motion, effectively filtering out irrelevant movements. This feature enables them to provide real-time alerts about trespassers or unexpected guests in restricted areas or during off-hours, enhancing security and vigilance.

Color at Night Cameras

Color-at-Night cameras provide a major benefit in surveillance and security with their capacity to generate clear, full-color images in low-light situations. While standard cameras typically produce grainy, black-and-white images in poorly lit environments.


Color-at-Night cameras, equipped with state-of-the-art lenses and highly sensitive sensors, often enhanced by extra lighting, excel in capturing vivid and detailed color imagery even when ambient light is scarce. This feature is especially valuable for distinguishing crucial details such as the colors of clothes or vehicles in night-time recordings, a critical aspect for effective security monitoring.

License Plate Readers

License Plate Readers (LPRs) significantly improve the security of a business by monitoring and recording the license plates of all vehicles entering and exiting the premises. This can deter criminal activities and provide crucial information in case of security incidents. In case of criminal activities, data from LPRs can be invaluable to law enforcement for identifying and tracking suspects.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras can pan (move horizontally), tilt (move vertically), and zoom in or out, providing a broad range of coverage. This means a single PTZ camera can monitor a large area that would otherwise require multiple fixed cameras.

Experience uninterrupted, locally recorded video that's securely encrypted for your peace of mind. With our Smart View timeline, accessing key system events is effortless, allowing you to find important footage quickly and efficiently.

Choose how long you want your video to be stored. There are no monthly fees and the cameras record with or without internet.

Never miss a moment

Is a hardwire camera system better than a wifi camera system?

Yes, a hardwired camera system is often considered superior to a WiFi camera system for several reasons:

  1. Reliability: Hardwired systems are less susceptible to signal interference and outages, and they're generally more secure against hacking attempts. This makes them a more reliable choice for consistent, long-term surveillance.

  2. Speed: The data transmission rate is faster in hardwired systems compared to WiFi systems. This is critical for efficiently recording and processing video footage in real-time.

  3. Security: Since hardwired systems don't rely on a wireless network, they are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The physical cabling makes unauthorized access more challenging.

  4. Coverage Distance: Hardwired systems have an advantage in covering larger areas. They can support more cameras over greater distances, providing better surveillance coverage, especially in expansive spaces.

Overall, while WiFi systems offer convenience and are suitable in certain contexts, hardwired camera systems deliver a higher level of security, reliability, and performance, making them a preferable option for many home and business security needs.

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1080p security cameras offer higher quality than 720p cameras but less detailed images than 2K cameras or the 4K security cameras referred to as ultra HD. As a result, 1080p is ideal for capturing details in most residential or commercial applications.


With 2K security cameras, you have the ability to digitally zoom and pan your images while enhancing sharpness and color fidelity, all without compromising video quality.

2K security cameras are particularly effective for:

✓ Capturing clear images of license plates and street signs

✓ Accurately identifying individuals in areas with high foot traffic


4K security cameras provide significantly better image quality than 2K cameras. With 4K resolution, you can expect to recognize a face from up to 70 feet away using digital zoom. However, it's important to note that 4K cameras require more data and bandwidth, leading to increased storage needs.

Reasons to choose 4K over 2K include:

✓ If you require the highest quality image for safeguarding your home or business.

✓ If you want to future-proof your security camera setup, ensuring it remains effective and up-to-date for years to come.


Which camera resolution is right for me?

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