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Enhance the security of your business with a customized smart access control system

Access Control

Professional Access Control Installation

HDSS meticulously chooses, positions, and integrates each part of an access control system to guarantee seamless functionality and compatibility. This approach minimizes risks and alleviates concerns about unauthorized entry. As specialists in access control installation, we recognize the significance of regulating building access. Our expertise lies in setting up access control systems, with a particular focus on creating door access controls for various environments such as industrial sites, warehouses, apartment complexes, condominiums, commercial structures, retail outlets, and gated residential areas.

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Card Readers

An access control system is vital for safeguarding any business against external breaches. These systems are designed to regulate and monitor access rights, dictating not only who can enter or exit a facility but also which specific areas they are permitted to access. Entry is granted based on credentials, which vary from smartphones, key fobs, to smart cards. To gain access, individuals present their chosen device to a security reader, which then verifies the credentials and decides whether to allow or deny entry. The diversity of credential options enables businesses to implement both innovative and secure entry solutions, progressively enhancing the safety of their premises.

Key Fobs

A key fob reader system offers a swift and convenient method for allowing customers, employees, and visitors to access secure areas. Those wishing to enter a facility need only to position their key fobs in front of the reader. The system scans the credentials and, upon verification, unlocks the doors or barriers, granting access.

Mobile Passes

Implementing smartphone access control systems can significantly cut down on the expenses associated with traditional security hardware. By adopting a mobile credential access control framework, trusted individuals can use their smartphones as their primary means of gaining entry. Access is facilitated through mobile devices equipped with specialized apps or QR codes, streamlining the entry process and offering a modern, cost-effective security solution.

Having control over who can enter a facility forms the primary layer of security for any organization, establishing door access control systems as indispensable in everyday operations. These systems enable entry into a facility only after a person has presented valid credentials to a reader, effectively barring access to those who do not possess the necessary credentials.

Door Access Control

Easily set a schedule to unlock your doors that matches hours of operation and holidays.

Schedules & Automation

Lock and unlock doors remotely from your phone or web.

Remote Unlock

Remotely lock doors and spaces anytime.

Lock Down

Manage access permissions for users, teams, and visitors.

Easy Managment

Tap your phone on the reader to unlock the door.

Tap to Unlock

Gain access to your doors with keycards or fobs.

Cards & Fobs


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Access Control HDSS Installs

At HDSS, we prioritize offering our clients choices. This approach ensures that you can feel confident about your purchase decision. Once we have a clear understanding of the service you require, we will tailor the estimate to meet your specific needs.


ButterflyMX offers a revolutionary smart intercom system designed to provide secure, convenient, and efficient building access control. Their cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly with smartphones, allowing for easy entry management and communication for residents and visitors alike.


Kisi is a modern access control system that provides streamlined and secure entry to buildings and offices using cloud-based technology. It offers a user-friendly platform that allows for remote management of access points, enhancing security and convenience with mobile-enabled entry solutions


Suprema is a leading global provider of access control solutions, renowned for its advanced biometric technologies and security expertise. Their products offer robust, scalable systems for secure access management, integrating cutting-edge fingerprint recognition, RFID, and mobile access capabilities.


Akuvox specializes in providing innovative and reliable communication solutions for residential and commercial properties. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, Akuvox offers access control, intercom, and video surveillance systems to enhance security and convenience for customers worldwide.


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