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Video Intercom Entry Systems 

Easily open and manage doors, gates, and garages from your smartphone or computer, so you'll never miss a visitor or delivery.

Professional Video Intercom Installation

HDSS specializes in providing state-of-the-art, cloud-based video intercom solutions that integrate seamlessly with mobile technology, catering to the modern, mobile-centric lifestyle. Our systems are not only user-friendly but also offer robust security features, including remote access control, which allows administrators to manage entry into the property from anywhere, enhancing overall security and convenience.


Our experienced team ensures a smooth installation process, tailored to meet the specific needs of your community. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your system remains reliable and effective over time. With our commitment to using advanced technology and providing exceptional customer service, we stand as the ideal choice for HOAs looking to upgrade their security infrastructure with a cutting-edge video intercom system.

Benefits of Video Intercom System

  1. Enhanced Security: A video intercom provides visual verification of visitors, increasing safety by allowing residents to see who is at the door before granting access.

  2. Convenience: A video intercom offers the ability to communicate with visitors and remotely control entry, which is particularly useful for large or multi-story buildings.

  3. Improved Communication: A video intercom facilitates easy communication between different areas of a building, enhancing the coordination of deliveries, guest arrivals, and maintenance requests.

  4. Record Keeping: A video intercom system has the capability to record images or videos of visitors, providing a valuable resource for future reference, especially in the event of security incidents.

  5. Deterrent to Unwanted Visitors: The presence of a video intercom can deter potential intruders or individuals looking to engage in illicit activities

Smart Video Intercom

Our Smart Video Intercom is a versatile and secure door phone system that offers a wide range of features, including touchless Bluetooth entry, superior audio and visual quality, dual microphones, and support for multiple access methods. Its vandal-resistant design and IP65 rating make it suitable for use in even the most demanding environments.

Allows direct communication with visitors through a built-in microphone and speaker

Two-Way Audio Communication

Can be integrated with door locks or gates for remote access control

Access Control Integration

User-friendly touchscreen for easy operation and navigation

Touchscreen Interface

Manage access permissions for residents and visitors.

Easy Managment

Tap your phone on the reader to unlock the door.

Tap to Unlock

Gain access to your doors with keycards or fobs.

Cards & Fobs



Video Intercom Brands HDSS Installs

At HDSS, we prioritize offering our clients choices. This approach ensures that you can feel confident about your purchase decision. Once we have a clear understanding of the service you require, we will tailor the estimate to meet your specific needs.

ButterflyMX offers a revolutionary smart intercom system designed to provide secure, convenient, and efficient building access control. Their cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly with smartphones, allowing for easy entry management and communication for residents and visitors alike.

CellGate is a leading provider of innovative access control solutions designed for both residential and commercial properties. Their systems offer a range of features, including live video streaming, remote access management, and comprehensive visitor management.

Akuvox specializes in providing innovative and reliable communication solutions for residential and commercial properties. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, Akuvox offers access control, intercom, and video surveillance systems to enhance security and convenience for customers worldwide.

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1-Year Worry Free Warranty

All video intercoms sold and installed by HDSS are backed by a 1-year warranty.


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