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Suprema Installer

Experience Supreme Security with Suprema Access Control

Suprema Access Control Dealer

Discover the unparalleled security and convenience of Suprema access control with us, your authorized Suprema dealer. Our HDSS experts deliver sophisticated, enterprise-level Suprema systems to secure every entry point of your business premises, blending a frictionless user experience with robust security features and mobile monitoring capabilities. This ensures property managers have peace of mind, knowing their facilities are protected against unauthorized access. With Airfob, users gain advanced mobile access capabilities, enabling seamless and secure entry without the need for physical keys or access cards. Airfob integrates directly with Suprema's cloud-based platform for 24/7 guest entry management, offering features such as mobile key sharing, real-time access logs, and easy system management from anywhere. Equipped with extensive functionalities for optimal performance and adaptability, Suprema's remote management feature, enhanced by Airfob's technology, simplifies controlling access for visitors and employees, while offering flexibility in delegating admin responsibilities. With Suprema's commitment to innovation, regularly introduced new updates and features ensure your security system remains at the forefront of technology, continuously expanding your security capabilities.

Seamless Building Entry

Suprema provides a sleek and responsive system that enhances  security without compromising operational efficiency.

Convenient Mobile App

The Airfob app eliminates old-fashioned keys and costly hardware by letting users gain secure access with credentials on their phone.

Wide Integrations

Suprema's Open API platform allows a wide range of integrations with third-party security hardware and software.


Suprema Installer

As the leading Suprema reseller for businesses and HOAs, we excel in selecting and implementing the ideal mix of Suprema security technologies designed for your specific requirements. Our proficiency guarantees optimal installation performance, leveraging Suprema's comprehensive integration capabilities. This adaptability enables us to flawlessly incorporate Suprema access control systems with both traditional security infrastructures and the latest security innovations, creating an all-encompassing security ecosystem for your organization or community.


Our role as a trusted Suprema reseller goes beyond mere transactions; our HDSS specialists are committed to providing client-focused installation and advisory services. Coupled with our superior structured cabling solutions, we offer a comprehensive strategy for protecting your assets, premises, and residential communities. We have the expertise to adapt Suprema access control systems to the specific needs of your business or HOA, delivering a system that not only boosts your operational effectiveness but also addresses the unique security challenges faced by your facility or community.

Buy Suprema

We assist property owners and managers in selecting and obtaining Suprema access control systems for their properties. Choosing Suprema offers unmatched control over building access, centralized in one secure location. With the convenience of the Suprema solution, the ability to manage your building's security is always at your fingertips, providing peace of mind and ease of use directly from your pocket.

Suprema Repair

HDSS provides expert Suprema repair and maintenance services tailored to businesses and HOAs utilizing Suprema access control systems. With more than 10 years of specialized experience in the installation and maintenance of security systems, our seasoned professionals are adept at identifying and resolving any vulnerabilities within your access control system. We perform comprehensive evaluations of every component of your Suprema system, addressing challenges with meticulous repairs to ensure your setup functions seamlessly and continues to offer effective protection for your business or residential community. Beyond the initial setup, our dedicated technicians pledge to maintain your Suprema security system's continuous upkeep, ensuring its peak performance for the duration of its operational life.

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Suprema Features

Biometric Recognition

Suprema is renowned for its advanced biometric technologies, including fingerprint, facial recognition, and mobile access, offering high security and convenience.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Combines biometrics, mobile credentials, and cards for a highly secure, multi-layered authentication process.

Access Control Management Software

Offers comprehensive software solutions like BioStar 2, which provides an intuitive interface for managing user access, monitoring entry points, and analyzing access data in real time.

Audit Trails

Generates detailed access logs that are exportable as CSV files for compliance, reporting, and forensic analysis, offering insights into who accessed what area and when.

Durability and Reliability

Suprema's hardware is designed to withstand harsh environments and provide reliable performance over time, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from corporate buildings to outdoor settings.

Flexible Integration

Suprema's systems are designed for easy integration with a wide range of security systems, including video surveillance, alarm systems, and third-party access control solutions, enhancing the scalability and flexibility of security infrastructure.


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