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Kisi Installer

Elevate your security with Kisi's state-of-the-art access control system. As an accredited Kisi installer, we specialize in supplying, installing, and seamlessly integrating Kisi's innovative products tailored for businesses of any scale.

Kisi Authorized Dealer

Discover the unparalleled security and convenience of Kisi door access control with us, your authorized Kisi dealer. Our HDSS experts deliver sophisticated, enterprise-level Kisi systems to secure every entry point of your business premises, blending a frictionless user experience with robust security features and mobile monitoring capabilities. This ensures property managers have peace of mind, knowing their facilities are protected against unauthorized access. The intuitive Kisi mobile app allows users to view live or recorded security footage from controllers and card readers, managed through a cloud-based platform for 24/7 guest entry management. Equipped with extensive functionalities for optimal performance and adaptability, Kisi's remote management feature simplifies controlling access for visitors and employees, while offering flexibility in delegating admin responsibilities. With Kisi's commitment to innovation, regularly introduced new updates and features ensure your security system remains at the forefront of technology, continuously expanding your security capabilities

Seamless Building Entry

Kisi offers a sleek and responsive system that helps you boost business safety, without slowing down operations.

Remote Door Unlocking

Users can remotely unlock doors for guests from their phone or web browser, so tenants, employees, and operators never have to miss a visitor or delivery.

Convenient Mobile App

The Kisi app eliminates old-fashioned keys and costly hardware by letting users gain secure access with credentials on their phone.

Wide Integrations

Kisi's Open API platform allows a wide range of integrations with third-party security hardware and software.

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Kisi Reseller

As a premier Kisi reseller, we specialize in identifying and deploying the perfect blend of Kisi security technologies tailored to your business needs. Our expertise ensures that every system is installed for peak performance, capitalizing on Kisi's extensive range of integrations. This flexibility allows us to seamlessly integrate Kisi access control systems with both existing legacy security frameworks and cutting-edge security solutions, delivering a comprehensive security suite for your enterprise. Our commitment as a trusted Kisi reseller extends beyond sales; our HDSS experts are dedicated to offering customer-centric installation and consultancy services. Alongside our top-notch structured cabling services, we provide a holistic approach to safeguarding your assets and property. We possess the insight to customize Kisi access control systems to fit the unique contours of your business environment, ensuring a solution that not only enhances your operational efficiency but also effectively mitigates security risks specific to your facility.

Buy Kisi

We assist property owners and managers in choosing and acquiring Kisi access control systems for their premises. Opting for Kisi provides you with unparalleled control over building access, all centralized in one secure location. Thanks to the Kisi app, the power to manage your building's security is always within reach, right in your pocket.

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Kisi Features

Easy Access Sharing

Admins have the capability to effortlessly distribute mobile keys directly to the smartphones of employees and residents, ensuring a smooth and seamless setup process that enhances convenience and accessibility.

Mobile Credentials

Users holding authorized mobile credentials can effortlessly gain access to a building by simply tapping their phone against the Kisi reader.

Lockdown for Access Control

Kisi users have the ability to activate a temporary lockdown mode on their system, effectively ensuring that no one can unlock your door and enter your business during this period.

Audit Trails

Kisi offers comprehensive real-time audit trails for all door access events, available as exportable CSV files. This feature allows managers to precisely monitor who has entered their facility and at what time, ensuring enhanced security and oversight.

Visitor Link Access

Kisi enables users to issue temporary keys to visitors, granting them access to a facility within a predetermined time window, ensuring controlled and secure entry.

Global Management

Kisi simplifies the management of multiple locations, users, and administrator roles through the use of access groups and a user-friendly mobile dashboard, making it effortless to oversee complex access control configurations.


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Kisi Repair

HDSS offers expert Kisi repair and maintenance services tailored to any business utilizing Kisi access control systems. With more than 10 years of specialized experience in security system installation and upkeep, our seasoned professionals are well-equipped to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities within your access control system. We conduct thorough evaluations of each component of your Kisi system, addressing challenges with detailed repairs to guarantee your setup operates flawlessly and continues to safeguard your business effectively. Beyond initial installation, our dedicated technicians commit to the ongoing maintenance of your Kisi security system, ensuring its optimal performance throughout its operational lifetime.

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