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Smart Smoke Detector

Advanced fire protection with our intelligent smoke alarm that promptly alerts you and our monitoring team during fire emergencies, ensuring swift assistance. During a fire alarm, our monitoring center communicates via a two-way speaker to warn you and guide your evacuation, while also coordinating with emergency services for immediate response."

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and often, there's significant heat. Our sensor is capable of detecting a rapid temperature increase signaling a swiftly spreading fire in your home. It's also equipped to detect slow, smoldering fires more quickly. This means it can alert HDSS sooner, allowing us to dispatch assistance more rapidly.

Early Fire Detection

Fast Response

In critical moments where every second is crucial, our monitored smoke and heat sensors are designed to identify the initial signs of a fire. Following detection, our monitoring centers swiftly notify your local fire department and send you an immediate text or alert, ensuring prompt action the moment fire is detected in your home.

Pet Protection

Your pets may hear the smoke alarm but can't ask for help. With our monitored smoke protection, we can alert the fire department for them – and you – at the first hint of danger. It's a simple solution to protect your four-legged family members, even when they're home alone

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