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Why Does the Hik-connect App Say Network is Unstable?

While using the Hik-connect app to monitor your cameras at your home or business, you may have noticed the “network is unstable” message. This message can be frustrating since it interrupts your live feed.

Why does this happen?

To keep it simple it is your internet speed on your phone or at the locatin where your DVR/NVR is located. If you have poor internet on any side this message will display.

How to fix the issue?

Your phone internet downstream speed must be 10 Mbps or more. To find your current speed, visit If your internet speed is less than 10 Mbps, try connecting to WiFi. If your internet speed is 10 Mbps or higher, then run a speed test where the DVR is located. Use a computer and visit and run a speed test again the upstream speed at your home or office must be 6 Mbps or higher.

Restart your phone

Your phone's memory could be running low. Close any apps in the background and try again. If the issue is still there, restart your phone. A restart can fix the issue as well.

View one camera at a time

By default, when you open the app to view your cameras, all cameras will start to load. If you are having trouble connecting to more than one camera, try viewing only one camera at a time. This will help reduce the amount of bandwidth the Hik-connect app needs to use to stream the video feeds.


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