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Why are my cameras offline or greyed out on my mobile device?

If you are having issue viewing your cameras on your mobile device, follow these steps

Do you have power?

Power is the most common issue. If there is no light on the front of the recorder then power is the issue.

  • Check the electrical outlet the recorder is plugged in to

  • Check the power strip. Make sure it is switched on and not unplugged

Do you have internet?

Sometimes it just as simple as checking your modem.

  • Contact your internet service provider for any outage

  • Verify no cables were unplugged behind the modem/router

  • Check for power on your modem/router

Did you change internet providers?

If you recently changed your internet service, you will have to check to make sure the cable connected between the recorder and the modem is plugged in to your new modem. If the cable is connected, you will have to reboot your recorder to obtain a new IP address. To reboot your recorder, unplug it and wait 10 seconds then plug it back in.


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