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DVR/NVR is beeping

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

If you hear a beep, your recorder is telling you something. These are the common issues to a hear a beep from your recorder.

Bad Hard Drive

Open your camera app and try to view a recording from yesterday. If you cannot see your recording then your recorder needs service.

Camera offline

A bad camera or a loose camera connection can cause your DVR to beep. If you notice one of your camera feeds shows no video then the issue is with your camera.

Motion Detection

We normally disable this feature, but the recorder can beep if the camera sees motion. Walk around the camera and see if it beeps. Walk away from the camera and wait, if you do not hear beep then the motion is activated.

IP Conflict

This is very rare, but sometimes your modem/router can cause and IP conflict with the recorder. The recorder will beep until the conflict is resolved. The easiest way to fix this conflict is by rebooting your recorder and your modem/router.

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