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HDSS's cutting-edge security cameras employ AI and machine learning for superior coverage and connectivity. The Wireless Outdoor Camera includes features like Two-Way Audio and Perimeter Alert.


Guard your home with HDSS's advanced Wireless Outdoor Security Camera. It not only detects intruders but also actively deters them, while recording their every action.

Actively Deter Intruders

Use our Wireless Outdoor Security Camera's two-way audio to shoo away the neighborhood cat, call the kids for dinner, or ward off potential intruders.

Listen and Talk From Anywhere

Intelligent Video Analytics boosts your home security by distinguishing between people, animals, and vehicles. Receive real-time video alerts and watch clips directly on your phone, keeping you closely connected to your home every day.

Enhanced Home Awareness with Intelligent Video Analytics

Analytic Technology

Real-Time Alerts

Two-Way Audio

Smart Detection with Outdoor Security Camera

Our Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics, identifies people, animals, and vehicles, sending pertinent, real-time notifications to your app. Whether it's an unexpected car in your driveway or someone loitering near your property, you'll be promptly informed.

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