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Make Your Home a Smart Home.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

As the show's opening catchphrase in the popular 1970’s TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man says, “WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY”.


What is a Smart Home? Simply put, it means having devices that can automate and/or remotely perform tasks in your space throughout the day. Smart devices serve 3 main functions - conserve energy, create efficiencies, and make life more convenient.

Some common examples that can be integrated throughout your home:

  • Indoor & outdoor lighting - program lighting schedules, colors and dimmer settings throughout the home; and you’ll never forget to turn a light off again. Even integrate your holiday lighting for a scheduled show! Popular brands such as Lutron, Leviton and GE Z-Wave can assist!

  • Sound system - set the mood or get the party started by controlling your speakers and cast music from your phone or integrated with smart devices such as Google, Alexa or Sonos.

  • Sprinkler system - conserve water and money by avoiding irrigation on days that local weather reports rain is expected. An irrigation controller such as Rachio or B-Hyve can provide details of your soil saturation and even adjust irrigation times for each zone accordingly.

  • Garage door opener - Ever leave the house and wonder if you forgot to close your garage door? Or have a large or important package coming that you prefer your mail carrier to leave inside the garage securely? Open and close the door remotely from your cell phone with a MyQ compatible smart garage door opener such as Chamberlain or LiftMaster.

  • Smart thermostats - Beat the heat, or get cozy. Smart thermostats can utilize a geofence to know when you’re close to home to automatically cool down, or warm up the home for your arrival. And over time, these devices such as Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell can learn your routine and adjust temperatures to conserve energy and your bill.

  • Smart locks - No need to worry about forgetting your keys or making copies. Smart locks such as Yale, Quikset, Schlage and August provide keyless entry and remote entry to the home. Great for short term rentals or kids.

  • Security systems - remotely arm and disarm your security system and access cameras throughout your home; even check when doors or windows are opened or motion is detected.

  • Video doorbell camera - communicate with visitors or solicitors, and keep an eye on your packages delivered using a video doorbell camera such as Nest, Arlo, or Ring.

How to get a Smart Home

  • A strong and reliable internet connection is needed for seamless communication between your devices.

  • Smart devices and digital assistants such as Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Assistant.

  • Call in the pros to design and integrate your Smart Home for a cohesive system that promotes energy efficiency, enables home automation, and a thorough security system.

Call FL Smart Homes today for a free consultation on upgrading your home to a Smart Home. 954-573-9193


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