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Combine smart home technology with your security system for a comprehensive, secure, and convenient living experience.

Smart Home

Never worry about carrying around, or losing, keys again. Control your front door from anywhere with our smart home door lock.

Smart Door Lock

Switch to a smart thermostat for improved comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Smart Thermostat

With our Smart Garage Door Control, open and close your garage door from anywhere, ensuring peace of mind and eliminating worries about leaving it open.

Smart Garage Door Control

In case of water leaks or flooding, our Smart Water Shut-off Valve automatically closes your water valve, controllable via smart home automations or our mobile app.

Smart Water Shut-off Valve

Set your lights and fans to automatically turn on and off, or manage them remotely anytime you're away.

Smart Lights


Smart Watering

Maintain your lawn and plants' growth seamlessly, whether you're at home or traveling.

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Every HDSS device collaborates to form a fully-integrated smart home system, tailored specifically for your home.

Seamless Intergration

Customer Testimonials on HDSS Experience

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