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2GIG Edge

The 2GIG EDGE is a cutting-edge security and automation panel known for its sleek design and advanced technology. It features a user-friendly interface with a large touchscreen display, enhancing ease of use and accessibility. The system supports a variety of smart home devices and is equipped with robust security features like encrypted sensors and wireless connectivity. With its built-in camera and face recognition technology, the 2GIG EDGE offers an additional layer of security. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a modern, comprehensive, and reliable home security solution.

Finding the IMEI number on a 2GIG EDGE security panel involves a few simple steps. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identifier for your device, especially important for cellular communication. Here's how to locate it:

  1. Access the Panel: Go to your 2GIG EDGE panel. Make sure your system is disarmed or in a mode that allows you to interact with the settings without triggering an alarm.

  2. Open the Settings: On the main screen of the 2GIG EDGE, navigate to the settings menu. This is typically accessed through an icon resembling a gear or by tapping a specific area of the screen, depending on your panel's configuration.

  3. System Information: Within the settings menu, look for an option labeled 'System Information', 'About', or something similar. This section usually contains details about the panel, including software and hardware information.

  4. Find the IMEI Number: In the System Information section, scroll through the options until you find the IMEI number. It's a 15-digit number unique to your device.

  5. Record the Number: Write down the IMEI number or take a photo of the screen for future reference. This number might be needed for registering your device with a monitoring service, troubleshooting, or if you're seeking support.

If you encounter any difficulties or the IMEI number doesn't appear in the system information, consult the user manual for your 2GIG EDGE panel or contact technical support for assistance. We can guide you through the process or provide the IMEI number based on your device's registration details.

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