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ClearlySafe by HDSS

Medical Alert System

Safeguard yourself or someone you care about, whether at home or out and about, with the ClearlySafe Medical Alert System. Enjoy peace of mind and security with our round-the-clock mobile emergency support. Gain the assurance that you're never alone, thanks to GPS tracking, ensuring help is always within reach, anytime, anywhere. 

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No Long-Term Commitment

Enjoy the peace of mind of being protected in both urgent and non-urgent scenarios with a service free from hidden charges or lengthy commitments.

Lightweight and Wearable Life-Saving System

ClearlySafe's Medical Alert Device is designed for both convenience and versatility, allowing it to be worn around the neck or attached to the waist. Incorporating advanced technology, this sleek and compact personal emergency response system is an excellent safeguard for anyone in search of extra safety and peace of mind. It is well-suited for seniors, individuals with health challenges, or active individuals who prioritize security, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to a wide range of lifestyles.

The instant a fall is detected or the button on the medical alert device is pressed, a signal is immediately sent to the response center.

Speak with an emergency responder through a two-way speake. Our trained specialists respond and assess your needs.

If you are unable to speak or respond, our specialist will dispatch emergency help to your location.

We will also contact your family member or caregiver.


Product Features

Our mobile system is equipped with cutting-edge GPS locator technology, enabling you to swiftly access assistance at any moment, from any location.


Supported by the most robust cellular network in the US, our Medical Alert monitoring center ensures seamless connection through cellular service, included with your subscription.


Should you require assistance, you will be instantly connected to a live U.S.-based Response Specialist who will evaluate your situation and offer help, no matter your location.


The two-way speaker ensures clear communication with our trained Response Specialists. Even if you are unable to speak, they will proceed to dispatch assistance.


With just the push of a button, you can receive assistance any time of day, throughout the year, connecting you to one of our trained Response Specialists who will then send help directly to your location.

24/7/365 HELP BUTTON

Our help buttons are waterproof, making them suitable for wearing in the shower or bath, locations where accidents and falls frequently happen.


Did you know?

Every year in the United States, more than one out of four older adults aged 65 and older experiences a fall, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This equates to millions of older Americans falling each year, making falls a significant health concern for the elderly population.


Embrace your independence, go wherever you please, meet whomever you like, and indulge in all your favorite activities. In case of an emergency, just press the button on your fall detector for instant connection to a helper. Our fall detection devices offer round-the-clock emergency assistance, ensuring you're always cared for. Additionally, your loved ones and caregivers can rest easy knowing you're supported by a user-friendly fall detector.

Customer Testimonials on HDSS Experience


The Caregiver portal is designed to help you create a support network for communication during critical moments. It consolidates all health and safety data into a single, accessible location. Ideal for checking system updates and usage, the portal also simplifies account management. ClearlySafe offers a suite of easily navigable, vital features, providing an extra level of safety and security.

Companion Pendant

The Companion Pendant is a small, button-like device crafted for comfort, able to be worn around the neck or wrist. A simple press is all it takes to activate a call for help.

Enhanced Fall Detection and Emergency Support

Device and Event Notifications to Keep Family and Caregivers Updated

Fully Mobile for Your Safety Anywhere, Anytime

Water-Resistant to 1 Meter (3.3 ft) for 30 Minutes

All-in-one Personal Safety Solution for Successful Aging

Age Gracefully and live Vibrantly. Your Journey to Healthful Aging Starts Here!


Our fall detection utilizes advanced technology, calibrated against real falls, to accurately identify genuine incidents, supported by four sensors for enhanced sensitivity. Upon a fall, it auto-connects to the call center for immediate communication and alerts the emergency center. GPS tracking enables responders to locate you, ensuring assistance even if you're unable to press the button, allowing for rapid evaluation and response.

Important: The ClearlySafe fall detection feature is not guaranteed to detect every fall. Users are urged to manually activate their button for assistance whenever possible. Signal efficacy of the button may vary due to environmental influences. The Companion Pendant is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. The pendant's effective coverage can be impacted by the device's location, environmental factors, equipment condition, and facility specifics. An initial fee of $89.95 for activation and programming will be billed separately. The regular billing cycle for your medical alert system will commence upon delivery of the device.

To mitigate the risk of strangulation, the lanyards are engineered to break away under specific conditions. Nonetheless, any cord worn around the neck presents a potential strangulation hazard, which could lead to death or serious injuries. This risk is particularly significant for individuals in wheelchairs, those who use walkers, beds with guard rails, or anyone who might come into contact with objects that could entangle the cord.