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HDSS offers business customers comprehensive services including design, installation, and servicing, backed by a fully US-owned Five Diamond monitoring center to safeguard their business facilities and investments. Security is an ongoing and changing challenge, with evolving threats. A successful security provider stays ahead of these shifts. Rely on an expert like HDSS, with a proven track record, for your business security requirements!


HDSS intrusion detection technology boosts the protection of business properties and addresses common frustrations associated with security systems. It significantly lowers false alarms, allows for the retirement of outdated legacy panels, and ensures you never have to worry about your system being left unarmed again.




Experience the best business security system that outperforms the competition! With our wide range of business security products, you're assured access to affordable, state-of-the-art technology!

Why choose HDSS for your business?

Choose HDSS for your security needs and gain access to customized solutions that ensure comprehensive protection with the latest technology. Our expert installation and ongoing support from HDSS provide peace of mind, while our scalable systems grow with your business. Benefit from integrated systems, HDSS's proven track record, cost efficiency, and 24/7 monitoring, all designed to let you focus on your core operations. Trust HDSS to keep your business safe and secure, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

HDSS HD wired cameras enable you to monitor your property from anywhere. With HD quality and our 24/7 color cameras, you can see in color both day and night. Access live streaming video

HDSS HD Wired Cameras

24/7 Color

Say goodbye to black and white night footage. Our Color-at-Night technology captures clear, full-color details even in total darkness, like identifying the color of a shirt or a car in your parking lot.

Enjoy crystal-clear video with real-time HD quality and superior low-light performance. Access live streaming video on your smartphone or tablet whenever you're away from your property.

Live HD Video

Receive intelligent video alerts tailored to what matters most to you. Our video analytics technology differentiates between people, animals, or vehicles, boosting your perimeter security and property awareness. You'll get a video alert when someone loiters at your door or if a car pulls into your driveway.

Video Analytics

Record around the clock in high-definition with the HDSS Video Recorder. Our DVR/NVR is designed to optimize bandwidth, ensuring your internet connection stays fast.

Continuous Recording

At HDSS we will make it easy for you. We will assist in selecting the ideal cameras for every part of your home and then install and connect them efficiently and neatly. If any issues arise with a camera post-installation, we will be ready with the necessary tools and expertise to resolve the problem.

Profressional Installation

HDSS offers an extensive selection of award-winning equipment, including security-grade connected video cameras suitable for every area of your home. Our turret camera is built to withstand weather, resist freezing temperatures, and is protected against UV rays. It features a broad field of view and night vision capabilities, allowing clear visibility up to 40 feet in total darkness.

Precise Camera Configuration

Instantly locate the footage you need. Our HD cameras highlight moments when motion is detected, enabling you to quickly view and share the relevant video clips with anyone.

Smart Clips


We're incredibly proud of our worksmanship. View samples of our work.

Customer Testimonials on HDSS Experience

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